We’re Proven Strategic Thinkers with Expertise in Execution

Our Core Values

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Successful client executives creating happy healthy high performing cultures & teams who successfully create value & wealth for all stakeholders.

Our Mission

To improve the strength and value of our client’s business and its leadership, teams, & culture by ensuring sound strategy, organizational alignment, and successful execution of strategic objectives.

Why: (Executives Shouldn’t Have to Go It Alone)
We know that running a business can be overwhelming and that executives need help, at times, getting their vision refined & implemented.

How: (Proven Frameworks & Strategic Thinkers)
By utilizing proven business playbooks and frameworks coupled with our in-depth business experience, we advise, provide tactical execution of deliverables, and facilitate strategic initiatives.

What: (Execution Expertise)
We turn strategy into business value & growth by confirming strategy via annual & strategic planning workshops, monthly execution of strategic initiatives, deep dives on specific improvement projects, and quarterly board meetings ensuring focus and accountability.

Jim Houlihan

President & CEO

At Diamond Growth Partners (DGP), we work with you and your team to quickly get your business on the right track to accomplish your goals. Since each member of our leadership team has had successful careers as executives running companies, we know that running a business can be overwhelming, at times, and getting your vision refined and implemented can be challenging.

We specialize in partnering with business owners and executive teams to turn strategy into topline and cash flow growth by ensuring organizational alignment and utilizing proven business playbooks and frameworks coupled with our in-depth business experience.

So regardless of industry or business size, if your business needs help with strategy definition and/or execution DGP can help!

Some Recent Higlights:

“I am confident that our skills, experience, and ability to quickly improve and grow businesses will make us an invaluable asset to you and your organization.”

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