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Diamond provides high ROI with rapid payback growth advisory & consulting services to companies.

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Diamond Growth Partners is a results-oriented management consulting firm serving clients and their stakeholders.


Our experienced teams create value for clients through growth strategy, operational improvement, digital process automation & transformation, financial restructuring, and acquisition integration.


With active leadership engagement, our teams develop and implement recommendations to address our clients’ most complex business challenges. Since 2016, Diamond has been working side-by-side with clients, fostering long-term relationships and delivering tangible, sustainable results.

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Our Service Lines

Accelerate Profitable Growth

Whether your goal is to prepare your company for sale or to rapidly create business value, our Accelerate Profitable Growth plans are the solution. We start by understanding the current state, assessing the market, assessing the leadership team, people, and culture and work with the business to develop go-to-market strategies and other strategic objectives with a clear roadmap to achieve your goals.

Operational Improvement & Execution

From facilitation of workshops, running PMOs & strategic projects, and tactically executing in strategic projects delivering frameworks, tools, and deliverables – we can provide the focus, accountability, and execution needed to make your goals a reality.

Digital Process Automation & Transformation

Digital Solutions are now affordable for the Small-Mid sized businesses. Applications such Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) bring distinct competitive advantages, along with rapid ROI. Diamond has both the skill set and experience to support its customers at each stage; from initial digital strategy assessment through implementation and follow-on support. Let us show you how to make the jump to digital.

Restructure & Turnaround

We act with urgency to assess and stabilize the team, capabilities, and culture ensuring the right people are on the bus and in the right seats. We then implement operational excellence processes and growth strategies, as appropriate.

Case Study


Private Equity Owned Industrial / High Tech Manufacturing Company


Private Equity portfolio company had goal to grow >20% CAGR, dramatically improve EBITDA, and sell in 3-5 years.


Mitigated cash flow issues, stabilized, scaled, & grew new asset quickly rolling out new go-to-market strategy, and overcame change-resistant staff.


Secured line of credit to address liquidity issues, identified clear target market and segmentation, refined value proposition (product, price, channel, ad spend), restructured sales, service, and engineering staff, implemented key account strategy, created new process to reduce quote lead times, re-designed website, and leveraged CRM capability to serve and retain customer base.

Solution Impact

Grew revenue 3X, EBITDA 10X, and assisted in exit to strategic buyer at 8X multiple in less than 3 years.

Happy Clients

" We have trusted DGP with projects ranging from research, strategy creation, and execution and have been completely satisfied with their expertise and performance. They are professionals and great to work with, I highly recommend DGP! "
" My team and I have been working with DGP for a few years now and they continue to give us expert advice while acting as a trusted adviser for our business during these crazy times.

We cater to the food service industry, so last year was tough. DGP was instrumental in keeping us calm and focused on putting us in position to start the new year strong.

I strongly recommend DGP! "

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