Internet Marketing, Sales & Customer Retention Programs

“CARM” PROGRAM: Customer Acquisition & Retention Management Program

Customer Acquisition Program (CAP)

Internet Marketing:

  • Brand and messaging creation
  • Simple website creation
  • Keyword / Adword creation
  • Establish and manage SEO
  • Establish and manage CPC/PPC campaigns
  • Target customer profile creation
  • Prospect list creation
  • Establish and manage CRM database (e.g.,
  • Outbound email campaigns
  • Landing page creation
  • Marketing collateral creation


  • Sales process creation
  • Sales process training
  • Outbound call campaign execution

Establish and manage Customer Retention Management Program (CRMP)

  • Post-job follow ups: outbound calls/emails to customers to express appreciation, send “Thank You” letter and gift
  • Capture customer feedback and testimonials
  • Comprehensive Keep-In-Touch marketing
  • Email and newsletter marketing
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