Business Consulting Programs (Coaching & Advising)

Accountability – Monthly Check-Ins

Two – 1.5 hour onsite meetings (i.e., every other week)

Most all highly successful businesses have a vision outlined by the entrepreneur or business owner that requires major objectives to be met in order to achieve that vision.  Each of these objectives (e.g., “increase sales by 20%”) requires a set of SMART (i.e., Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Realistic, & Time-based) Goal action items to be identified and actively managed to ensure the vision is achieved.  Diamond Growth Partners can help you define the vision, the objectives, and each of the strategic action items required to achieve your vision.  Our typical approach is as follows:

  • The goal is to meet regularly with the business owner and the senior leadership team to ensure traction on the business’ strategic action item list (SAIL).
  • A strategic action item list (SAIL) is aligned with the business’ main strategic objectives required to achieve the business owner’s vision.
  • The Diamond Growth Partners consultant will spend the first few onsite meetings working with the business owner and senior management team to build/validate the vision, strategic objectives, and strategic action item list (SAIL). It is very important for the team to ensure the action items are impactful and will ultimately achieve the business owner’s vision.
  • The Diamond Growth Partners consultant will help the business owner to ensure each senior manager is accountable for their areas of responsibility and for gaining appropriate traction on their respective strategic action items.
  • The “monthly check-ins” can be customized by the business owner, if desired

Accountability – Quarterly Advising & Checkpoints

Four – 8 hour onsite meetings.

Best-in-class businesses have quarterly update meetings between the business owner and the senior leadership team.  This provides the business owner with an opportunity to take a break from the day-to-day firefighting and ensure the business is still on track to achieve its vision.  These meetings are typically for an entire day on or offsite with a prepared agenda with the senior management team presenting on their areas of responsibility to ensure accountability.

This is an opportunity for the business owner and Diamond Growth Partners consultant to mentor and coach the team while identifying key risks and issues that need to be further addressed and prioritized.

  • The goal is to meet quarterly so that the senior leadership team does not lose focus and ensures consistent traction is being achieved. The senior managers will summarize and report on the progress made toward achieving their strategic objectives.  They will report on the results achieved in the quarter and to-date.  They will summarize lessons learned and changes to their original plan and the logic used to create the new plan.
  • The desired outcome for each quarterly meeting is that the business owner and management team are on the same page with regards to the health and issues of the business. In addition, the overall vision and strategy for the business is reiterated to the leadership team.  Also, any major open issues and/or risks are prioritized and addressed going forward.

Coaching – Business Help, Consulting, and Advising

Two – 4 hour onsite meetings a month (every other week)

If you’re like most business owners and entrepreneurs you wear many hats in your business and you spend most of your day fighting fires.  When you do have a break from fighting fires and can focus your thoughts on your business you find that you would like to bounce ideas off of someone who is an independent third party (i.e., not an employee in your company) who is an expert in business and has varied business experiences.  Diamond Growth Partners consultants can be called upon to solve your unique issues and can provide clear thinking to your thoughts.  Let our consultants be your sounding board and provide you with the clear and concise answers you need.  You don’t have to do this alone.

  • These meetings are an opportunity for the consultant to coach, mentor, and advise the business owner on the best approach to solving the business’ issues
  • Common activities we perform or documents we develop in these meetings:
    • Ways to reduce or eliminate your daily firefighting role
    • General workshops to address a specific concern within the business
    • The overall goal for your business and your company’s vision
    • Your core values and guiding principles
    • The core purpose of your business
    • Overall strategy formulation (e.g., core competencies, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, etc.)
    • Your customer acquisition strategy (e.g., target profile creation, sales and marketing funnel creation, internet marketing, go-to-market strategy, sales strategy, etc.)
    • The 1 year (and/or 3 year) business plan
    • Creation of a strategic action item list
    • Creation of risk and issues list
    • Review financials and identify areas for cost reduction
    • Overall process documentation and improvement
    • Reports and dashboards
    • Product development roadmap and R&D candidates
  • The business owner can customize the agenda, if desired

Execution – Driving Exponential Growth

Four – 8 hours onsite visits a month

Once you and your team know what activities need to be accomplished, it is time to execute.  Many times you’re too busy fighting fires to drive your team to completion on the required tasks.  This is where our Diamond Growth Partners consultants come in who can project manage the required tasks to completion and ensure your team meets its delivery dates.  Our consultants have experience managing projects in sales, marketing, operations, finance, and IT.

Strategy – Boardroom Strategy Sessions

Duration at client’s discretion

Best-in-class businesses have at least one annual offsite strategy meeting for the business owner(s) and the senior leadership team to, among other things, confirm the upcoming year’s strategy and budget. This is a great time to ensure all concerns from the senior leadership team are heard and addressed so that the team can leave the meeting with a unified understanding and message that will be delivered to the staff. To ensure accountability and buy-in from the entire management team it is important that these meetings occur and are done correctly so as not to alienate members of the senior leadership team. A Diamond Growth Partners consultant can help develop the agenda, prepare material for the meeting, and help facilitate as desired by the business owner.

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